Die preussischen Telegrafen - No. 1 - 1813

Great Victory by Allies at Heideblick-Riedebeck

Many French Slaughtered

Marshal Yorck Victorious at Heideblick-Riedebeck.

From our own correspondent

Our brave troops along with our Russian allies were contacted by the Corsican Corporal near the towns of Heideblick-Riedebeck, defending the State from more misery at his hands. General Yorck was in command of our brave I Corps who having drawn them onto the town of Heideblick, then proceeded to clear them out, the Brandenburg and West Prussian Grenadiers of General Katzeler's Division being responsible for this.They then routed their artillery and pushed them off the battlefield, aided most ably by the King's and Little Russia Cuirassiers.

On the Western flank, our brave Russian allies held off a much superior French force, it was obvious where the Corporal intended to throw his main weight, the 9th Infantry Division of General Langeron's army sacrificing themselves most notably. Heavy pressure from the Cossacks of the Urals and the Jager battalions held the French in check whilst the woods provided a natural block to the French sneaking up that flank.The Russian Dragoons kept the nuisance of French Light Cavalry adequately at bay whilst the Cossacks annoye dthe French with their repeated charges. What a sight! Although they cannot read or write and have no knowledge of steam engines, they truly know their role on the battlefield. Indeed as I write, Don Cossacks are crossing into Poland to join the fray.

For the first time, our combined artillery had the measure of the French and hit back as hard as Napoleon's Daughters. General Langeron said "I am looking forward to putting a few examples in our museum at The Kremlin"

French seen running for Dresden

Having taken this pounding, the French retired in disorder (rumours abound that they have retired to Dresden), our walking wounded making it back as always to our brave nurses who follow the army wherever it goes. A truly memorable sight and one that raises the hearts and spirits of any Prussian citizen! General Blucher said "Onwards to victory! Onwards to Paris!Victory to the Allies!". And who would doubt him?

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