Dunkirk - following in the footsteps of the BEF

Now where was I? Ah yes - that's it! We were leaving Nivelles and off to Dunkirk for the final leg of the journey.

No problems on the way, just plenty of gusty off key singing. Big trouble when we entered the edge of the town though. A French one way system, a bridge, cobbled stones and busy traffic with our hotel on the far side of the lot. More by luck than judgement we made it to the central part of the town where there was a statue of some bird "Jean Bart" dressed like the fifth musketeer with a comely beard.

The map meant nothing now, we were moving to fast. I started to panic Andrew needed directions. I closed my eyes and heard a faint voice "let the force be with you...' Adam was playing his Star Wars Gameboy game. Anyway I just happened to see a signpost with the region where the hotel was and Andrew managed to get into the correct lane and that was it. We followed the signs for a couple of minutes and ended up driving past the hotel again and again. There was nowhere to park!!!

Typical froggy cobbled stone narrow streets but everywhere was either off limits or full. However we had our secret weapon - lucky parker Annette. Using her super powers she winked at a French bloke who promptly left the bar and drove off as fast as his little Renault would carry him.

Hotel Hirrondelle was quite good and they did not profess not to be able to comprehend English and I even had a chance to use my newly acquired school French. "Pardon. Ou allez pour votre garage si vous plais?" Where the hell do we park the bloody car? Must have worked because we was guided to a little doorway on another cobbled side street and Andrew managed to park up safely.

Of course it was time for a siesta for Andrew. We unpacked and the Orton's went walk about in the little village that I cannot for the life of me remeber but, it is the seaside part of Dunkirk.(check the Hirondelle web site for the name if you are that bothered. Did not think you were.) Anyway it was lovely. All beach and bars!!! Couple of local shops and bars and nothing much else on first inspection.

But, there was of course more. Can you wait? I'm afraid you will have to.

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