The Orton's on the Nile - 2005



At last we were on our way. Annette had sorted out all the packing and we had mosquito repellents coming out of our ear holes in addition to the modern day equivalent of a month's dose of quinine tablets inside us. We had even managed to get Luke his passport sorted, but might have to cut the top of his head off to match photo.

I had checked out all alternative methods of getting to Heathrow and the fore runner had been to drive down and do a touch of Pink Elephanting (see trip to Berlin with 2.1825 litres and Andrew). Only snag with this plan was that the amount of luggage would not fit into the back of our car.

Alternative solutions: the train - might as well hire a chauffer driven stretch limo at these prices, plus trip on London underground without aid of team of Sherpas did not sound very appetizing. Then there was my favourite method the coach!!! Well it was cheap and meant I could get some sleep on the way and they would have room for all the winter clothing and kitchen sink.

Interesting little tip here if ever you decide to travel using National Express, could save you about 40 pounds return to Heathrow or where ever you decide to wander. I checked out the times and found the quickest journey time, even at the expense of hanging around at the airport for extra hour, lot more leg room in airports and superior bogs too. Anyway, having costed up the trip, I was about to hit the pay button when I noticed a little button that said 'Group fare' a hefty 40 Poundspounds cheaper. Well being a tight bugger I naturally hit this and was surprised to see that with only four people travelling we qualified for the huge discount. The only difference apart from the price was that we only had one 'group ticket' instead of four individual ones, big deal.

So we just had the problem of getting to Pipers Row with half a ton of suitcases and decided to wake up Emma to ferry us over on two trips; one with Annette and the big cases and the second with me, Adam and Luke crammed in with all the hand luggage.

It was a long days travel, nearly 18 hours, five or so hanging around, the rest mobile, but it went very smoothly and we did not really have time to get bored. Heathrow is of course so bloody big it took us nearly 35 minutes to make our way from coach station to check in so that helped pass the time. Annette had plenty of time to drink her 'special' orange juice to help with the flight to Luxor.

Egypt Air was pleasantly comfortable and gave a very nice hot meal on the way. Film show was a bit ropey, but have to blame Hollywood for that; Sahara. For those of you who have not seen this film here is the plot. You have to make a connection between a Confederate ironclad ship full of gold coins they never had and a fatal epidemic in some North African country where the good old US of A has sent a World Health team. Meanwhile, a mysterious retired US Admiral is fishing out treasure from the bottom of the Med. Using a team of treasure hunting Rambo's that are a cross between Mr. T's mechanical ability and strength with the shooting skills of Sergeant York and fighting skills of Bruce Lee.

The bad guys are a politically incorrect Black African dictator and his army opposed by an army of Arab freedom fighters who come to the timely aid of the heroes when they find themselves trapped inside the ironclad wreck in the middle of the desert. Some plot and of course everyone could speak American!!!!

Now where was I, ah, yes on the plane. Annette was sobering up towards the end of the flight, you could tell by the way the seat belt strap was twisted into tight not clutched tightly in both hands. She would need a drop more 'juice' for the return flight. We landed safely and the pilot informed us it was 35 degrees outside and local time was midnight. We stepped off the plane to a rush of hot air, he was not kidding. Time to take my coat off I think.

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