The Orton's on the Nile - 2005

More sand & sun

More sand & sun

Getting a little monotonous now; sun, sand, wiggly bottoms, topless babes, its just a drag! It was a snorkelling day chasing fishes in and out the reefs, dodging the crazy glass bottomed boats, almost as good as being in Berlin. The boat crew were pretty much what you would expect modern pirates to look like and there were bits hanging off the sides of the boats that looked like they could sink at any moment. Rather optimistically they would sound their horn before ploughing through anyone foolish enough to swim anywhere near their set routes. Don’t know about you, but I don’t hear surface sounds too well when I’m under water.

Annette sat quite happy slurping a cool drink and reading her book, occasionally strolling down for a cooling dip in the sea. We had got there a little earlier today and secured loungers in the shade. Not a towel anywhere to be seen and the sun was well above the horizon – still no Germans!

Bob & co got so excited over the little fishes and snorkelling they decided to do the ‘trip’ out over the coral reefs at the entrance to the bay and beyond. Very kindly they offered to take Adam along, but drew the line at having Luke in tow. So being as diplomatic as I am I broke the news to Luke that he could not go diving with the gang tomorrow; “Oi Luke, you sad git. They are all going diving tomorrow and leaving you here OK?” Worked a treat.

I explained that we would be cruising around the bay on a luxury yacht While Adam would be swimming for his life. He did not seem too disappointed.

Once more back to the hotel and off out after tea for booze and shopping for tat. What a hard life. Adam had got fed up of Luke getting conned into buying everything so he came up with rather a splendid wheeze. When they started talking to them in English Adam would pipe up “Nichts Verstein – Ich bin Deutch” and then when they started speaking fluent German nip out the shop leaving Luke completely bewildered.

Over more cold beers we decided that it would be nice to have a look at the old town tomorrow night. We had asked around and it was about 50 Egyptian pounds for the twenty minute trip or roughly £5 for us all. Had no idea what to expect other than it had to be less Las Vegas like than the local set up. Back to hotel for more old films while the air conditioning kicked in before sleep.

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