The Orton's on the Nile - 2005

The Return of Bob

The Return of Bob

We got cleaned up and wandered into the dining room for some scoff. The big downside of all those Italian arses was the food was definitely bent in favour of wallpaper paste in tomato sauce smothered in cheese. I got hold of some chicken and rice; this was to be a habit. Thank goodness there was still plenty of cake!

We found Sean sitting alone and went to join him and saw a weary looking Bob and family walking in. It seems all had not gone smoothly in Cairo and it was not down for a second visit. I think this was mainly because of all the riots over the election, but they said they were constantly hassled for handouts wherever they went. The pyramids and the treasures of king Tut got a big thumbs up, but generally they were not at all impressed with the big city life.

So over our scrappy meal we planned our evening excursion for drinks and bartering. First job is to let newcomers not to get ripped off over the price of water and second tell them were the cheep beer is located. Adam was even booked a spot of bargaining by Mrs. Bob and his daughter. Vanessa and Dan, still looking the worse for wear, where planning the nights outings to the casino and night clubs. No doubt like most youngsters they would be just waking up at two in the morning when I would be on my first of many nightly trips to the bog.

So we all crammed into the hotels dodgy suspension min-bus and bounced over the speed bumps towards the town weaving in out of the traffic like a stock car team. Fighting off the taxi drivers who having seen us get out of the bus are convinced we want to go straight back to the hotel we scrambled over the road more or less in one piece and went after a drink.

Somewhere on our travels we lost Sean again. He quite often just wandered off on his own thing, looking for the tat souvenirs was not really his cup of tea. We usually caught up with him at the bar. There was a mixture of street musicians about, mostly playing their authentic, made in China, instruments. Got to hand it too them they could get a tune out of an old wind up gramophone without the needle.

All too soon it was time to get the last bus back, laden with our tins of beer and bottles of water. Sean had reappeared proudly clutching some cold bottled beers he had found at the back of one supermarket. So ended another sunny day of booze and babe watching.

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