Copenhagen Obituary 2005

It with deep sorrow and regret that I have to inform you that old faithfull Copenhagen is no more. Sadly the stout hearted champion of the tow paths has gone the way of many fine champions: Red Rum, Arkle, Lexx, Trigger, and Black Beauty to name but a few.

The last powerful leap of power proved too much for his aged heart and with an awful twanging noise, his front break stopped squeaking for the last time. Even then he carried me faithfully home, silently weaving in out of the Sunday drivers, with just the slightest of wobbles frome the buckled wheels and loose pedal bearings.

I had of course hoped that he could still yet be saved this mighty beast that has outrode many a modern fancy filly, often with underinflated tyres and unoiled chain. Alas, this proved to be the last straw - I should have known that he was fading fast after the last five gears slipped into three. How we cling to hope!!!

Of all the many miles we have shared together, there is one last mile for you to travel alone oh mighty Copenhagen, to the great cycle path in the sky. Wait for me old trusty friend and my ashes shall be your cinder pathway to glory!!!

Copenhagen R.I.P July 2005

Dave Orton