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Birth of a Media Star

Birth of a Media Star

After clearing customs, we trundled towards the airport exit, not knowing if we had a ride to the hotel or not, som vague references to "its all arranged through Pat" and having turned the corner, there was Pat complete with TV crew! She quickly identified Geoff and someone shovewd a microphone in his face and started reeling off questions such as "why are you here", "Are you going to win". Hold on a minute, this is an after work cricket club, not Warwickshire County Cricket Club!

Much gfaws from the other five and we were bundled into a waiting black minibus and driven off into the dark night, Mr. Chaplain driving somewhat erractically but with due diligience as the roads resembled Tranquility Base rather than the capital of Jamaica. He did a good job pointing out such wonderful sights as the concrete works, the docks and Sabina Park before reaching the Knutsford Court Hotel in New Kingston.

We checked in and then did the only honourable thing when one is abroad - headed fror the bar and Red Stripe! However, Geoff wanted an early night as it transpired that he was required at the TV station at 6:00 am for another interview on Sunrise! Blimey! Who have I come on this trip with then?

6:00 am came and went for me but Mr.Hemmings was a dutyful assistant and dissappeared into the darkness. I managed to get up at 7:30 and having showered for the second time in twelve hours, went down for breakfast to be met by the others team members giggling and laughing at the performance of a rather embarrassed Geoff who soon was dubbed" Sir Geoff", media mogul and cricket guru from England! After these shennanigans, we decided upon a trip round Emanicpation Park was in order and so we went off into a 38° furnance to find the place.

Having survived our walk around Kingston, we crached out by the pool and waited for Sir Geoff to finish another radio interview before lunch, and then off to our second official engagemnet to The Institute of Jamaica . This proved most interesting as we were shown by the staff the museum, natural history and national gallery of Jamaica. Thanks to all who took the effort to show us around.

We returned to the hotel for some well earned rest and after a refreshing nap, notbhaving thrown off the jetlag Mr.Orton, we set out for some local cusine and ended up in a nice Arabic-Latino resturant. More of this place later dear readers, but bear in mind it was clean, different well cooked food and very well priced.

After this we were taken out to meet the member of Melbourne Cricket Club for an evening of mainly beer and white rum. The locals were a bit wary at first, but once we had sunk a few Red Stripes, we were soon making new friends and laistening to past glories of Michael Holding and Courtney Walsh! After this excitement, we repaired to the hotel bar for a top up of Red Stripe and bed, awaiting our adventure tomorrow!

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