In Quest of Books or Glory? -Jamaica 2005



With the arrival of the lovely Gwendolene, (Gwendolene,Gwendolene, eyes like windowlene, pleased treat me gently cus I am only twenty), I had a new room mate - Little on Al. bats like Viv Richards, Bowls like Malcolm Marshall. We were rudely awakened at 6:18 am precisely by an a rather loud clap of thunder accompanied by a flash of lightning Star Wars style. Oh dear, we were not going to be playing cricket today.

At 7:20, precisely, we were yet again awakened, this time by the telephone. It turned out to be Al's Aunty Beryl who was phoning from Montego Bay. At this point, we gave in and after ablutions, we went for breakfast to find the rest of the team assembled. It was still raining and after much pondering at the grey sky, a phone call came to confirm the match had been cancelled.

However, the faithfull Marlon had arrived and after some negociation, he offered to take us on a tour of Kingston and we duly embarked on the bus for the last time as a team. We headed off in the Kingston traffic for Port Royal. For me this was great. To stand on the site of centuries of history, of pirates, Henry Morgan, Drake and Nelson was truly special. And it fitted the bill. Loads of cannons and fortifications. Our tour guide took us around the museum and out into the beach area where we dipped our toes in the Caribbean for the first time. However, as we looked over the wrecked buildings, we had to remind ourselves that it was the earth, not man, who had created this scene of destruction, as most of Port Royal was destroyed in an earthquake in 1692.

Marlon embarked us again into the bus and we went back to Kingston and then up through the town to Jacks Hill. Marlon was most insistent on our seeing the sunset over Kingston Bay and it was certainly worth the effort. We lingered until the sun went down and then Marlon, a worthy tour guide, drove us back to the hotel. After a lengthy farewell to Marlon, a great bloke who made us feel welcome and couldn't do enough for us. Paul, Gwen and me decided that a dip in the pool was in order so off wewent for a nice hour lazing around in the warm water. Paul even managed a length of the pool without involving Gwen! After this, we went to the bar in preparation for our final meal together.

We set out to find the chinese as we had collectively decided - not an easy process with a bunch of librarians I can tell you, worse than academics - for a most unusual evening. It started with Norman and Zorro needing the bank. Not to rob it, but to use the "facilities". This was opposite the mall where the restuarant was. Whilst we hung around for their return, we noticed that they had not reappeared in a reasonable time, so off went Fozzie to find them. After another wait, we decided to make our way to the Chinese and there they appeared before us! A trick David Copperfield would have been proud of as there was only one entrance to the mall open. I'm still sure today that we had all the bases covered. Explain that one! Where was the rabbit for a start?

We noticed that the chinese lacked something - like customers. After a wait of ten minutes a waitress appeared. Whether it was our accents, or she was thick I don't know, but this waitress took some 20 minutes to get the orders for the starters and then the main honcho had to come and confirm it. Haydn decided against the spicy potatoes, but not against the jokes. Beer was another problem. There was much and what there was was warm. Not good in 35° heat! The main courses eventually turned up; this was becoming an ordeal, not a pleasure and I was going to regret this in the morning, one way or another. I shall not go into the ordeal of the bill. Douglas Adams could have got another Hitch-hitckers book out of it for!

After the Fawlty Towers of a restaurant, we went back to the bar and more beer, spicy potatoes and rum. I can still feel the headache now......I don't know what time I got to bed, and frankly, I didn't care!

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